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We have great news! Our office is now implementing a savings plan for those patients who do not have dental insurance. This is not insurance, so there are no hoops to jump through to get treatment approved. Just keep your membership up to date and discounts will be automatically applied. The plan is designed to be preventive. Your annual membership will include over $500 in treatment:

  • 2 Professional cleanings per year by our hygienists (prophy or periodontal maintenance)
  • 2 Exams per year by Dr. Kennelly
  • All necessary radiographs (X-Rays) as needed
  • 2 Fluoride varnish treatments per year with your cleanings
  • 15% Discount on all other work performed by Dr. Kennelly with NO LIMITS

This discount applies to all other work performed by Dr. Kennelly and our hygienists, including extra cleanings, scaling and root planing, periodontal maintenance, fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, dentures, implants, and whitening, too!

The annual cost is $380 for adults and $300 under 18 years old, and will be automatically renewed annually unless you cancel. There will be no refunds for unused services or early cancellations. This plan isn’t for everyone. It is intended for those that are proactive and preventive with their care. Not all procedures you may need can be performed in-office by Dr. Kennelly, and occasionally he may need to refer out to specialists. The 15% discount does not apply to treatment performed outside the office. Only patients without insurance are eligible to enroll.

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