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The benefits of preventative dentistry in maintaining a healthy smile

Patients interested in reducing the risk of problems within their smile will want to take the advice of their dentist and participate in preventative dentistry. Dr. Sean Kennelly of Centennial, Colorado, provides patients with solutions to maintain healthy smiles and keep them beautiful for a lifetime! 

What is preventive dentistry? 

Preventive dentistry includes the steps patients take to be proactive about their oral health and wellness. With the help of a general dentist such as Dr. Sean Kennelly and his team at Argyle Family Dental, patients can educate themselves on caring for their teeth and gums to keep them healthy and beautiful. Routine treatments and evaluations will help contribute to a healthier smile, catching any problems before they become more extensive and expensive issues in the future. 

What are some standard preventive dental services available at Argyle Family Dental?

  • Prophylaxis – prophylaxis is the medical term for professional dental cleanings performed by our hygienists. These cleanings can help remove plaque, tartar, and calculus that may have formed on the teeth between visits. Our team can educate patients on keeping their teeth clean if there are signs of poor oral hygiene.
  • Digital x-rays – sometimes problems lie underneath the surface and can only be diagnosed with imaging such as digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are clearer than traditional x-ray imaging and can be stored on our computers for easy access. Digital also exposes patients to much less radiation.
  • Examinations – dental examinations will allow Dr. Sean Kennelly to spot any signs of periodontal disease or tooth decay that may be present.
  • Fluoride and Sealant Applications – patients who want to further protect their smile from cavities can ask about dental sealants and fluoride applications; both offered at Argyle Family Dental.  

Call for an appointment with Argyle Family Dental today! 

Dr. Sean Kennelly and his team in Centennial, CO, can assist patients in maintaining healthy smiles and reducing dental problems with preventative dental treatments. If you need preventive dental care, including dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays, connect with our team by calling (720) 573-2454. Patients in the area can visit the office in Suite #208 at 8120 S. Holly Street.

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