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Restore natural teeth with Dental Inlays and Onlays Procedure

Inlays and onlays are like tooth-colored fillings in that they’re made to match your teeth’ natural color and shape. They’re significantly stronger because they are made of porcelain instead of composite resin. A dental onlay or inlay is a type of restoration that may be used if your tooth lacks sufficient structure to support a filling but doesn’t need a crown. At Argyle Family Dental, we can help patients restore their smile with this or other options available.

How is a dental inlay or onlay placed?

Our dentist removes the decay or the old filling to place an inlay or onlay. The restoration is built based on a cast of the tooth and those around it. A temporary filling is bonded to protect the tooth’s structure until the new restoration is ready. When the restoration is complete, the temporary filling is removed, and the fit of the replacement is verified. The inlay or onlay is then cemented into position after any needed changes have been made. 

What is the difference between inlays and onlays?

With dental inlays, all the work is within the bumps, or cusps, on the chewing surface of a tooth. That is why the placement of onlays is more extensive; they cover one or more cusps completely. Onlays are sometimes called partial crowns and provide effective tooth restoration for many patients. Inlays are placed more into the tooth, while an onlay is placed over a tooth.

Who is a good candidate for an inlay or onlay?

During an evaluation, Dr. Ava Khodakhast will determine if the patient could benefit from a full or partial crown. Patients with large areas of decay or damage may find the inlay or onlay appropriate for their needs, while more extensive damage or decay may require a traditional crown instead.

Learn more about ceramic inlays and onlays with Dr. Ava Khodakhast

If you reside in the Centennial, Colorado area and are interested in discovering more about the benefits of tooth restoration with inlays and onlays, call Argyle Family Dental today at (720) 573-2454 and visit us at 8120 S Holly Street, Ste. #208.

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